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There are currently over 400 articles and publications either written about or mentioning Linda and/or TTEAM and TTouch. The first one appeared nearly 25 years ago. Below we've listed some of the article that have been published in this century! If you'd like more information on the others, please contact us at

Also, please visit our Research page to learn about formal research and studies documenting the diverse benefits of TTEAM and TTouch.

Author Title Publication Reference Year
Ann Brightman Women Making Waves Animal Wellness Oct-Nov, P. 62 2008
Linda Tellngton-Jones with Bobbie Lieberman Teach Your Horse to Easily Stand for the Trimmer with TTEAM Natural Horse Vol 10 - Issue 5. Sept-Oct, Pp. 12-15 2008
Pat Miller The Trails of the Timid The Whole Dog Journal August 2008
Linda Tellington-Jones TTouch for performance horses Equine Wellness Vol. 3 Issue 4, Pp. 50-54 2008
Ben Swan The touch beyond instinct The New Mexican: Scoop Sunday, April 17, P. E-4 2008
Suzanne Nelson Head Games Animal Wellness April, P. 69 2008
Jan Snodras Linda Tellington-Jones Comes to Virginia Virginia Horse Journal April, P. 45 2008
Shannon Weil Bint Gulida and Linda Tellington-Jones: A Horse and Rider Ahead of Their Time Tevis Forum Magazine / Western States Trail Foundation P. 5 2008
Honi Roberts Breed Showcase/Haflinger Horse Trailblazer Magazine May 2008
Linda Tellington-Jones Train your horse for Hoof Trimming in three steps Equine Wellness November-December Pp. 52-56 2007
  A Certain Touch: about the Tellington TTouch method of retraining and therapy for dogs. The Dog Collection Number 36 Page 19 2007
Robyn Hood Handling and Haltering Your Foal Without Trauma Holistic Horse Spring, Pp. 12-13 2007
Linda Tellington-Jones with Bobbie Lieberman Coping with Trailer Claustrophobia Equus April, Pp. 80-84 2007
  How to fix it! Our experts’ guide to integrative rehab Equine Wellness March/April, Pp. 361-32 2007
Bobbie Lieberman Linda Tellington-Jones Equus January, Pp. 60-64 2007
Bobbie Lieberman Inspirational Women in the Horse World - Linda Tellington-Jones Equine Wellness Jan/Feb, Page 50 2007
  news bulletins: TTouch for kids Mothering Magazine Jan/Feb, Page 31 2007
Steven Long Linda Tellington-Jones: Touching the Circle Texas Horse Talk December, Pp. 32-33 2006
  TTouch. Experts’ guide to the top natural solutions for arthritis Animal Wellness Oct/Nov, Pages 51 & 104 2006
Catherine Gallegos A Touch of Love - Hands-on Healing for the Animal Kingdom Chicago Conscious Choice; San Francisco Common Ground; Los Angeles Whole Life Times; Santa Barbara Independent August 2006
Cheryl Dudley Fit to Ride: The master equestrian’s challenge Appaloosa Journal January, Vol. 60, No. 1 Pages 148-151 2006
Amy Phelps-Kinzley, Keeper II, Primary Keeper African Veldt - The Oakland Zoo and Melissa McCartnery: Keeper I, Primary Keeper African Veldt - The Oakland Zoo Training 0.1 Reticulated Giraffe for Voluntary Transabdominal Sonograms Sing Operant Conditioning and the TTouch Method     2006
Alicia Cosgrove Providing a Helping Touch The Nortwest Observer Tuesday, October 11 2005
Denis Flaim Touching Token - Bodywork tames retriever’s fears Dog Fancy July, P. 55 2005
Karesa Edwards, 10th Grade Token’s Story Nautilus News of The Barrie School July 29 2005
Honi Roberts Spirited Away The Trail Rider March-April, Pp. 42-50 2005
Claudeen E. Mc Auliffe That’s a Very Good Dog Being Quiet! Woof Newsletter
Lodi, WI
P. 2 2005
Claudeen Mc Auliffe Just the Right TTouch! Fetch May/June, Volume 1 Issue 3 P. 26 2004
Lee Black TTouched by Linda Tellington-Jones: The Story of a Clinic Arabian Horse World April, Pp. 195-201 2004
Stephanie Shanahan, DVM Trailer Loading Stress in Horses: Behavioral and Physiological Effects of Nonaversive Training (TTEAM) Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science Volume 6, Issue 4 Pp. 263-274 2004
Sarah Fisher Drive Time: TTEAM. This Month's Exercise - Neckline Driving Your Horse Mar 11 - April 7, Pp. 86-90 2004
Sarah Fisher No pain, all gain Your Dog  March 14-18, Pp. 92-95 2004
Carolyn Menteith The gentle touch Dogs Today March, Pp. 30-33 2004
Stacy J. Lewis Complementary Methods of Animal Care: Spotlight on: Tellington TTouch™, Healing Touch and Animal Communication Twin Cities Wellness February, Pp. 8-11. 2004
Sarah Fisher Part Three - Follow the Leader. TTEAM. This Month's Exercise - Leading Techniques Your Horse Aug - Sept, Pp. 100-104 2003
Shannon Finch The Tellington TTouch: Miracle in Your Fingertips The Vegas Dog Fall, P. 20 2003
Laura Maffie Finding Balance at the Shelter: Alternative Behavior Modification Methods Oregon Humane Society Magazine Summer, Pp. 6 & 10 2003
Diana Cox Meet Linda Tellington-Jones: A healer with just the right touch Animal Wellness   2003
Susan E. Gibson, Editor The Publisher's SILVER STAR Award of Recognition - Linda Tellington-Jones Trail Blazer  Issue One, 2002 Celebrating Our Silver 25th Anniversary, Pp. 20-21 2003
Audrey Pavia Helping Hands:  TTouch training may give agility dogs a leg-up in competition Dog World February, Pp. 48-52 2003
  Inner Glimpse: Linda Tellington-Jones Horse and Rider  December, P. 80 2002
Bonnie Ebsen-Jackson Colic:  TTEAM Techniques Trail  Blazer September-October, Pp. 28-31 2002
Linda Tellington-Jones An Introduction to the Tellington Touch The Courier - The Official Publication of the Portuguese Water Dog Club of America  Volume 30, Issue 3, May/June 2002
Marion Shearer Tellington Touch Tames the Old West at Bitterroot Ranch Natural Horse  Vol 4, Issue 1, Pp. 49-50 2002
Karen Bush and Sarah Fisher TTEAM & TTouches for your dog Your Dog  February, P. 37 2002
Bonnie Ebsen-Jackson TTEAM - a week in Santa Fe with Linda Tellington-Jones Trail Blazer January-February, Pp. 26-30 2002
Kara L. Stewart  TTEAM - Linda Tellington-Jones draws on 50 years of equine experience to benefit horses' health Horse Illustrated  October, Pp. 32-37 2001
Carolyn Harvey, DVM, and Lauren McCall A Gentle Way to Better Behavior and Health House Rabbit Journal  Fall, Pp. 4-5 2001
Mary L. Brennan, DVM with Norma Eckroate   Complete Holistic Care and Healing for Horses:  The Owner's Veterinary Guide to Alternative Methods and Remedies.   2001
Leea Foran The Human Touch Vegetarian times  June, P. 19 2001
Maggie Moyer TTEAM Body Wraps Natural Horse Vol 3, Issue 2, Pp. 53-54 2001
Kelle Walsh Animal Spirit:  Message Therapist Connects with Exotic Creatures Through Touch Massage Therapy Journal Issue 90, Mar-April, Pp. 48-56 2001
Arden Moore The TTouch Dog Fancy   January, Pp. 40-45 2001
Shelly Moore Touching Your Horse Natural Horse Vol 2, Issue 7, Pp. 44-51 2000
M. Cecilia Wendler An Investigation of Selected Outcomes of Tellington-Touch in Healthy Soldiers UMI Dissertation, Ann Arbor, Michigan   2000
Susan Ajamian Love, Trust and Respect' - David and Robin Brueckmann Natural Horse Vol 2, Issue 2, Pp. 43-45 2000
  Animal Healers: holistic approaches help the whole animal to heal The Animal Wellness Magazine Vol 2, Issue 2, September 2000
Madeleine Dale That Special TTouch Bark: The Modern Dog Culture Magazine Volume 12, Summer, P. 21 2000
Sandra L. Toney Tellington Touch Therapy Natural Health Care for Your Cat CATS Quarterly, yearBOOKS, Inc. Pp. 43-46 2000
Deborah Davis Llama Language: Santa Fe trainer is well versed in communicating with these timid creatures The New Mexican Sunday, February 13, Pp. E1-2 2000


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