Tellington TTouch Training™

TTouch CELLebration in Santa Fe, NM - November 5-8, 2009

This year’s focus is: The Magic & Science of TTouch & Interspecies Connections.

The CELLebration brings together the community of TTouch people from around the world to join in Spirit, Vision, and Camaraderie. The synergy and direction that's sparked by this gathering is magical and transformative, and gives us an opportunity to learn together, listen to new ideas, and dream without boundaries. The educational presentations at the CELLebration are beyond measure.

Laughter and sharing add to this special time at the the beautiful La Fonda Hotel. Just step outside the hotel's front door and you're on the Plaza right in the heart of Santa Fe.

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Photos are from the TTouch 30 Year CELLebration in 2006. Click on a thumbnail image to see the larger view.


Tellington TTouch Training
1713 State Rd 502
Santa Fe, NM 87506
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