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Starting Young Horses

Article by Mandy Pretty, TTouch Practitioner

Starting Young HorsesDon’t miss this fabulous opportunity, June 13-18, 2011 to learn how to start young horses in a breath-taking setting at Bitterroot Ranch, near Dubois, Wyoming. Whether you are a long time enthusiast or are new to the work, the 22nd Starting Young Horses Training at the Bitterroot Ranch offers a unique and exciting venue to update your skills and learn new ones under the instruction of Robyn Hood, TTouch Instructor ofr 25+ years, Editor of TTEAM Connections and Linda’s sister. And be sure to take advantage of the Earlybird pricing, which ends April 16, 2011.

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Bitterroot RanchThe majestic Bitterroot Ranch is nestled at the base of the spectacular Absaroka mountain range on the meandering East Fork River.  Though situated at 7600 feet above sea level, the euphoric feeling you experience at the ranch is not just from the altitude; it’s unparalleled in its openness and stunning beauty. You’ll find yourself mingling amongst a herd of friendly Arabians, Quarter Horses, Appaloosas, Mustangs, and a variety of poultry, bovines, canines, and felines - all in a ruggedly handsome Western setting.

For the past 20 years the ranch has played host to the TTEAM/Tellington TTouch Starting Young Horses Training. Here participants take 3- or 4-year-old Arabians with basic leading skills and guide them through the steps of being ridden under saddle, safely and quietly. You’ll learn TTouch leading exercises, basic body work, familiarizing horses with plastic, neck line and ground driving, as well a preparing a horse to accept weight and a rider without explosions, fear or anxiety.

This year the clinic will be geared towards THREE LEVELS of learning experiences: for those experienced with TTouch; for people with horse experience but little TTouch knowledge; and for those individuals who have little or no horse experience but have always wanted the opportunity to learn how to connect with and safely handle horses with understanding and effectiveness. While the training will be taught as a whole, each level will participate in the hands-on portion of the clinic with different horses and instructors. 

For those seeking to renew and refine their TTouch skills, the workshop will include sessions of “Starting Young Horses: 202” where horses will be taken beyond the initial steps of training to more advanced groundwork application as well as work under saddle.

Mandy Pretty

Mandy Pretty, one of the skilled assistant teachers at the Bitterroot TTouch Training, also teaches the Tellington Method on four continents.

Workshop participants familiar with horses, but new to TTouch, will spend most of the training working with the 4-year-olds, learning the first stages of starting young horses under saddle in a low-stress, logical, and compassionate way.

For individuals nearly or completely new to horses, this training will offer an opportunity to learn the TTouch Method on more experienced ranch horses, each with particular issues that will be addressed using body work and groundwork.

Combining the amazing, intuitive instinct and expertise of Linda Tellington-Jones, skillful and concise teaching style of Robyn Hood, and the insightful (and typically hilarious) observations of Sarah Fisher, this training will bring an incomparable amount of depth and understanding to your TTouch knowledge and practical skills. Whether you have used TTouch for years, or are new to the work, this clinic offers an unparalleled opportunity to add finesse, subtly, and clarity to your horsemanship skills.

As a special treat, this clinic features an afternoon trail ride on the ranch’s well-trained horses, many of whom are graduates of previous Starting Young Horses trainings. This trail ride will include the thrill of cantering through sagebrush plains, exploring wooded trails, and stumbling upon old western homesteads.

Clinic participants and teachers stay and dine at the ranch which affords the group an exceptional sense of cohesiveness as well as time for in-depth discussion and extra instruction and advice. The entire week embodies a philosophy of mutual respect, no judgments, and a safe learning environment for horse and human alike.

Give yourself a gift that will linger well beyond this vacation in magnificent Wyoming. This extraordinary time will benefit you and your own horses beyond measure. Book soon to reserve a place in one of the most gratifying TTouch trainings offered.

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