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TTEAM® Training in Texas

After a TTEAM Training in Texas, participants shared what the training meant to them. (Click on a name below to see what each said.)

Monica, Anna, June and Kim

"I am so grateful for what I learned and shared in the training. I have to say that it was the best time and money I have ever spent for any training and plan to follow up with companion animal training as soon as I can."
— Monica

"Hello everyone! I was just out with my horses Dakota and Lefty and had a wonderful time. Lately I have been having a lot of trouble with Dakota and Lefty (Dakota would run away from me and Lefty would not let me touch him at all). So today I said 'Oh goodie!' and started doing TTouch on Dakota. With Lefty I just used the wand (and it is really magic!) after about twenty minutes of wand stroking, Lefty was finally touchable and accepted my hand without biting or kicking at me. I just have to say how glad I am I went to this clinic. It has saved me a lot of time and has saved the horses a lot of pain! Thanks to all!"
— Anna, Dakota, and Lefty (Anna is a young teenager)

"Hi Everyone, I meant to e-mail you all before now. I so want to thank each of you individually for all that you shared. What each of you brought with you to the clinic was priceless. To spend a week with such devoted people was extremely empowering to me. My horses thank you!!!!!!!! The change in Lacey (my mare) is profound. She seems like a 'different horse' but in reality is more like herself. Thank you Lu Ann and Tellington Team!!"
— June Lamphier

"Hello all! I am trying to put into practice all that I learned from you wonderful, gifted women. I want to thank you all for the deep connection and thoughtful caring expression of communication between horse and human that I experienced at our training. I've never been to a training quite like that before. With gratitude."
— Kim Carneal


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