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People often write or send emails describing their experiences with the Tellington TTouch and how it has helped them and their animal companions.

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An attendee of our 30 Year CELLebration of TTouch sent us the following.

Dear Linda, Robyn, and Cecilia,

After the Cellebration, I flew to Indiana for a week to be with my parents. My father is 88 years old and has Alzheimer's. Here is a summary of the results of TTouch with my dad:

1. He is talking gibberish. Not one word is intelligible, just a string of syllables.

I rise and put both hands on his bald head and begin lying leopard touches, very slowly. He is suddenly silent. For about 2 or 3 minutes, I continue, all over his head. Then I sit down. He begins talking in very articulated words and sentences! my mom was amazed!

2. My mom and I are putting him to bed. He is very rigid in the body as he walks and insists that he not lay down.

I start the lying leopards on his head. In a matter of seconds, he relaxes his upper body and sighs and lays right down!!!

3. He is in bed on another night. He is laying down, but his knees are bent and he will not relax his legs so we can cover him up.

I go to his feet and start small slow circles with one hand while contacting his body with my other hand. In a few second his whole body relaxes, he sighs, and we can cover him up.

4. He is being belligerent and trying to go outside instead of to the bathroom.

I approach him, talk gently to him, put my hands on his shoulders and do touches. His rigid, robot-like body becomes putty in my hands and he easily follows me!

These things amazed me greatly. I was there one week and I hope my mom and my siblings near by can remember to do these touches on my dad.

In appreciation for your work, passed on to me, and making my dad's life a little easier, while inspiring me to keep doing the work! :)

Suzie Steenbergen

We recently received this from a woman and her son who attended one of Linda's workshops at Equine Affair in Springfield, MA. They went seeking information for horses but came away with so much more:

Dear Linda,

My Son Ryan (Ryan) and I attended two of your workshops at the Equine Affaire in Springfield MA. November 11-12, 2006.

I am so grateful to you for the great work you are doing. I had been diagnosed with fibromialga about one year ago, I also have herniated disks and was diagnosed with lyme disease in September. I have tried many therapies over the last six or seven years - Reiki, Acupuncture, Cranio Sacral therapy, Rolfing, Body Talk, EFT, deep tissue, massage, chiropractic and others.

On Saturday 11, we walked for hours here at the event and normally I would have had to take pain relieves and muscle releasers just to get out of bed the next day.

You demonstrated your TTouch to us after the clinic, and my son used your method on me during the ride home which was two hours and this morning I had no pain in my body without any medication and was able to drive back to your clinic today! I am thrilled! I will be looking forward to doing more of your work!

Thank you,

Cindy Fontaine
Tiveron, RI

And this from Cindy's son:

Dear Linda,

My mom Cindy, who wrote a previous letter, talked about all the physical problems she was having after many different kinds of holistic therapy she was better. However she still had many physical problems. Then, we met you at the Equine Affair in Springfield. There, you showed us the TTouch technique.

After a bad day of walking around she was in a lot of pain. On the way home I did a small amount of TTouch on her, and she also performed it on herself. Usually after a day like that, she would be in bed all day, due to the physical pain. After doing the TTouch she could get out of bed. She had no pain. It was amazing. Just that few minutes of work several times helped so much. Thank you for all you do,

Ryan Fontaine
Tiveron, RI

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