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Gabriele Boiselle - "Horses are much more for me than just photo motifs. Horses determine my life and my destiny. I am carried along by a love for these creatures which constantly inspire me to find new motifs and aspects."
Best Friends Animal Society offers Tellington TTouch Training as part of their Humane Education program.
Center for Spirituality and Healing at the University of Minnesota Academic Health Center
Divulgacion de Telington TTouch en espanol. Un metodo suave, benigno y altamente eficaz de modificacion del comportamiento animal.
Centered Riding® - An innovative way of expressing the classical principles of riding, using body awareness, centering and imagery.
Equine Affair - The Nation's Premiere Equine Exposition & Equestrian Gathering
Equitours Riding Tours conducts wonderful horseback riding vacations around the world.  The Bitterroot Ranch is a working dude ranch where one can ride horses started with the TTEAM/TTouch approach. 
Linda recommends Health Balance - a unique health center for horse and human rehab in Switzerland. “This is both holistic and traditional medicine and is one of the most beautiful places for horse rehab I have ever seen.”
Mia Segal's Feldenkrais Training and Application - MBS Academy
Minnesota Linking Individuals, Nature, and Critters (MN LINC) - a therapeutic, non-profit organization that uses the restorative and healing power of animals to help troubled individuals.
Miranda Alcott, TTouch Practitioner, specializing in NonVerbal Communication, I work with BOTH humans and animals. Human work - InaDifferentVoice - Life Issue Counseling and working with the families with children with Autism and other communicational difficulties. Animal Communication work - AnimalsTalkToMe - Working with Animals & Their People on everything from behaviors, relationship harmonizing, welcoming baby animals into the family, to diagnosis of a terminal illness, the actual transition (death), and out the other side.
Peggy Cummings' Connected Riding® - Achieve freedom of movement and self-carriage for both horse and rider.
Pignon-Delgado - Frédéric Pignon, Magali Delgado, and their beautiful Lusitano horses.
Speaking for Spot was a labor of love for Dr. Nancy Kay, DVM, fueled by her passion to teach people how to be effective medical advocates for their four-legged best friends.
Trafalgar Square Publishing - Horse and Rider Books
Wisdom University - Home of wisdom studies by Matthew Fox and James Garrison for wisdom spirituality and creation spirituality.


Tellington TTouch Training
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Santa Fe, NM 87506
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