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  • "How-To" Streaming Video Lessons

    TTouch Virtual Learning CenterTellington TTouch® Method Virtual Learning Center

    We are thrilled to present our first five educational "How-To" streaming video lessons on our NEW Tellington TTouch® Method Virtual Learning Center.

    Now, in addition to our books, DVDs and trainings, TTouch students will be able to learn about the Balance Rein, Liberty Neck Ring, Labyrinth, Lindell Sidepull and Body Wraps directly from TTouch's creator Linda Tellington-Jones and her niece, Level 3 TTouch Practitioner Mandy Pretty, as they instruct riders and work with horses.

    We decided to create this Virtual Learning Center as an answer to a question students often ask us when they begin to introduce their horses to the Tellington TTouch techniques and tools: "Am I doing this right?"

    It was important to us to help answer that question for three key reasons:
        One, when a horse owner is unsure that they are doing something right, especially when working with a horse they love and whose wellbeing they are responsible for, it can create a great deal of tentativeness, concern and even anxiety. This is the opposite of the state of mind we want to be in when working with our horses.
        Two, because "not doing it right" does make it difficult or impossible to achieve the change we seek. It can in some cases, even be dangerous to the rider or horse. And of course, "not doing it right" is a huge missed opportunity for a deeper connection between horse and rider and a greater mental, physical and emotional state of being for both.
        Three, because the Tellington TTouch Method is all about learning, about chunking information and assisting horses, dogs, cats, exotics in understanding us and what we are teaching them. As teachers, we believe in making that learning process as stress-free and supportive as possible for both horse, handler and rider. The progress of streaming video and online learning have given us a phenomenal new avenue for distributing knowledge around the globe at a reasonable rate. Accordingly, we believe our Virtual Learning Center will help make the students learning process easier, increase their self-confidence and help ensure their success.

    Thanks to our Virtual Learning Center, you can welcome Linda and Mandy into your home at the click of a button!

    Finally, to ensure no question is left unanswered we are including access to a Facebook Group to all who purchase or rent of one of our videos. Also after purchase, join our mailing list and we will send you a 10% discount coupon on all TTouch tools, books and DVDs to welcome you to the Tellington TTouch family.

    So! When you next ask yourself "Am I doing it right?" you will be able to answer with a resounding "Yes!"

    Visit the Tellington TTouch® Method Virtual Learning Center»

  • How has Tellington TTouch helped you and your animal?

    People often write to tell us how TTouch has helped them and their animals. We got the following note from a woman who recently learned TTouch from one of Linda's books.

    I volunteer at the RSPCA working with pound dogs and became interested in how, when I touched the dogs in certain ways, they seemed to respond and calm down. That led me to decide to study Canine Massage, which I am almost finished studying.

    I decided to start researching various different modalities and techniques to calm dogs, such as acupressure, aromatherapy, and the like. I stumbled upon TTouch and asked for the book as a gift.

    We have an 11 year old Cattle Dog cross, Staffy, who has had an operation on her rear right cruciate ligament. And then on the same leg recently had the meniscus removed as she was limping so badly. The operation helped except that after every walk, even very short slow ones of 15 minutes, she would limp. I tried massaging her but it didn't help.

    So, after reading your book, I started doing some Clouded Leopard and Raccoon Touches every couple of days thinking it might not help but certainly can't hurt. She stopped limping. She can go for a walk now without any discomfort.

    I found it so interesting reading Linda's experience of how her hands just seemed to move on their own as if they instinctively knew what to do, because it's exactly the same kind of experiences I have that I became so interested in these modalities, and the bond I sometimes establish with these incredibly stressed dogs in the pound, within a short period of time, is so powerful that it feels like there is almost something spiritual happening.

    Denise Rettie in Australia

    Learn "Clouded Leopard" and "Racoon TTouch" for all animals»

  • SPECIAL OFFER - Get a SIGNED copy of Linda's newest book plus a FREE DVD!

    Dressage with Body, Mind & SpiritDressage with Mind, Body & Soul:
    A 21st-Century Approach to the Science and Spirituality of Riding and Horse-and-Rider Well-Being
    by Linda Tellington-Jones with Rebecca M. Didier

    Get a signed-by-Linda book plus a FREE DVD - either TTouch of Magic for Horses OR TTouch for Dressage Horses.

    Linda invites you to take advantage of this special offer: "Although this book is directed to the dressage rider, the information on relating to your horse with body, mind and soul is also perfect for any rider. Learn new ways to deepen the relationship with your horse using Heart Coherence, Heart Hugs, Tellington TTouch in 10 Minutes-a-Day, along with breathing, singing, smiling and by understanding the value of holding a positive mental image with the principle of 'Change Your Mind/Change Your Horse'. Create that dream relationship that allows you to ride with confidence and joy."

    Get your copy - and your FREE DVD - today!»

    Read a review on My Horse Daily - Do Dressage with Soul»

  • Linda's Equestrian Career!

    Strike A Long TrotStrike A Long Trot: Legendary Horsewoman Linda Tellington-Jones by Shannon Yewell Weil

    This book chronicles the distinguished early equestrian career of Linda Tellington-Jones from endurance competitions at the 100-Mile Tevis Cup Ride to three-day eventing and steeplechasing at Pebble Beach.

    Linda proved to be a superb educator, ably guided by her then-husband and Cavalry officer Wentworth Tellington. Together they created the Pacific Coast Equestrian Research Farm and School of Horsemanship.

    Linda’s expertise was sought by a wealthy countess, and for years Linda prided herself in promoting the countess’ Hungarian horses, once revered as the finest warhorses in Europe. The book tells a charming story about how Linda transformed the stallion Hungarian Brado from a U.S. Equestrian Team reject into a champion.

    After decades of sweeping wins in multiple disciplines, Linda retired from competition to pursue a global career of making a difference for all species of animals. The result was a remarkable internationally acclaimed Tellington TTouch® Training Method.

    Available in Hardcover, Paperback and Kindle, 9 x 6 x 0.8", 256 pgs, 240+ photographs

    Learn more about this book»

    For a signed copy, please visit Turtle Rock Press, or you can visit

  • A Veterinarian's Perspective

    Linda demonstrating tail work in Germany, photo by Gabriele BoiselleTTouch Ahead of Its Time
    by Rikke Schultz, DVM

    We know how effective the Tellington TTouch Training can be for enhancing behavior, performance, and well-being, as well as developing a really special connection between horses and humans. For over 30 years we have received countless success stories from horse folks from around the world which have been recorded in the TTEAM Connections Newsletter published quarterly by my sister, Robyn Hood. But a question that comes up from time to time is: Why is TTouch and the method so effective? Last year Robyn published this report by Danish veterinarian Dr. Rikke Schultz which sheds some light on that question.

    Learn why TTouch is so effective»

  • Watch Linda on The Horse Show with Rick Lamb

    Linda Tellington-Jones on The Horse Show with Rick LambLinda shares "The Touch that Teaches"

    In Hawaii, Rick investigates the TTouch, creation of iconic horsewoman, Linda Tellington-Jones.

    Watch on YouTube»

    Visit The Horse Show online»

  • Bestselling book completely revised with new photos and profiles!

    Getting in TTouch with Your DogGetting in TTouch with Your Dog: A Gentle Approach to Influencing Behavior, Health, and Performance
    Hands-on help from one of the most caring and innovative animal trainers in the world today -- this book is the key to a better quality of life for your dog.

    When you think of your dog, what is the first characteristic that comes to mind? His "smile," his gentle companionship, his good-natured bark when he sees a friend? Or, do you immediately think of his "bad habits" -- maybe his tendency to jump up on people, the "accidents" he sometimes has in the house, or the way he pulls when you go for a walk?

    "Change your mind, change your dog," is one tenet of Linda Tellington- Jones' renowned Tellington Method. By thinking of your dog in "perfect" terms, you can come a long way in solving problematic behaviors, training for a joyful partnership, and ensuring his health and well-being. Add to this Linda's course in gentle bodywork, known throughout the world as Tellington TTouch, as well as specialized training equipment and obstacles in her Playground for Higher Learning, and you have gentle, proven ways to improve your dog's attention, willingness, and confidence.

    Get your copy today!»

  • Find a Practitioner who can help you learn TTouch!

    Tellington TTouch Training
    Visit the TTouch Practitioner Guild Directory!

    The Tellington TTouch Practitioner Guild is a professional member organization with the mission of promoting the Tellington TTouch Method. Our members have completed all of the requirements of Tellington TTouch Training to achieve their particular certification level.

    Certified Practitioners provide a variety of services to the public including individual training sessions, one and two day workshops, seminars, phone consultation, and many also serve as volunteers in shelters and rescue organizations. Find a Practitioner near you!

  • Visit the Tellington TTouch YouTube Channel!

    Getting in TTouch with Your Dog
    See our latest videos!

    Tellington TTouch with Tropical Animals: A selection of photos of Tellington TTouch practitioners in the UK working with different exotic animals. Many of these animals were very nervous initially, but began enjoying the benefits of TTouch in no time!

    Handling and Haltering Your Foal Without Trauma: Using the Tellington TTouch Method: Taking a 3 week old, un-handled Arabian filly through the Tellington TTouch Method of handling and haltering a foal for the first time. The low-stress, safe, and effective way to interact with your animal.

    Earning a Horse's Trust Through TTouch: Knick Knack, A 3 year old draft cross, gets his hooves trimmed for the first time in over a year after "attacking" the farrier in a long, unsuccessful attempt. Knick Knack was simply unbalanced and ungainly. Teaching him how to first balance and then pick up his feet for extended periods of time, gave Knick Knack the trust in people not to panic and relax. To achieve this we used the principles and philosophies developed by the Tellington TTouch Method; which has been used around the world, with great success, for over 3 decades.

    Visit our YouTube Channel»

    See Linda demonstrate the basic TTouch on YouTube»

  • Linda and TTouch Featured in Magazine Articles

    Linda Tellington-Jones
    Linda and the Tellington TTouch Method have been featured in a number of publications that post their articles online.

    Read about Linda's life's work and inspired contributions to the animal world.

    Mein Pferd - The horse as a partner - Magic touch
    By Bibi Degn, with photos
    Ilja van de Kasteele February, 2014. Magische Berührung – Warum Pferde Körperkontakt lieben; Wie Sie dadurch das Vertrauen stärken; Die besten Übungen von Linda Tellington-Jones. Read more»

    The Edge Magazine - Changing the world: An Interview with Linda Tellington-Jones
    By Tim Miejan
    Linda Tellington-Jones, Ph.D. (Hon), is passionate about helping all species return to a state of peace and well-being. Read more»
    Tim Miejan also interviewed Dr. Cecilia Wendler - One woman’s professional, personal experience with TTouch. It’s hard to overstate the role that Tellington TTouch has played in Dr. Cecilia Wendler’s life, not only personally, but professionally in being able to help introduce this healing method. Read more»

    Dressage Today - Reiner Klimke and Linda Tellington-Jones' "Working Magic with Dressage Horses"
    By Beth Baumert
    When Reiner Klimke collaborated with Linda Tellington-Jones at a California symposium, dressage horses from First Level to Grand Prix were transformed. From the editors of Dressage Today magazine. Read more»

    Equine Wellness - Read articles about Linda and Tellington TTouch in the online magazine Equine Wellness: Your Natural Resource

    EquiSearch - The Linda Tellington-Jones Story
    By Bonnie Lieberman
    For 30 years Linda Tellington-Jones' unique method of working with horses has fostered understanding to enhance horse-and-rider relationships around the world. By Bonnie Lieberman for EQUUS magazine. Read more»

    The Trail Rider - Calm Rider, Calm Horse
    By Cynthia McFarland with Linda Tellington-Jones
    A calm, relaxed rider leads to a calm, relaxed horse. Here, top trainer Linda Tellington-Jones (shown) gives you in-saddle relaxation tips. Read more»

  • Linda and TTouch Featured on Audio and Video Broadcasts

    Linda Tellington-Jones
    Linda and TTouch have also been featured on a number of broadcasts over the years. Listen and watch online.

    Animal Communication: A Healing Journey - Animals in Rehabilitation Programs and Transitions
    Anna Twinney with Special Guest, Linda Tellington-Jones
    Session 4 of a special webinar series. Listen online»

    Future Ready - perspectives of how we see the future.
    Host Navjit Kandola, Director of the Nizhoni School for Global Consciousness interviews Linda Linda Tellington-Jones

    Solving Horse Problems with Tellington TTouch featuring Robyn Hood, Instructor, Editor of TTEAM Connections Newsletter and Linda's sister.
    Host: Katie Hickson on
    Visit TTouch in Australia

    Falling In Love With Your Cells.
    An interview with Linda Tellington-Jones on Animal Heart Wisdom Show hosted by Sandy Rakowitz.

    The Horse Show with Rick Lamb - Linda shares "The Touch that Teaches"
    In Hawaii, Rick investigates the TTouch, creation of iconic horsewoman, Linda Tellington-Jones. Watch online»

    Animal Talk Naturally - That Tender TTouch
    With Dr. Kim Bloomer and Dr. Jeannie Thomason
    This week on Animal Talk Naturally we have a wonderful guest who is well known in the world of natural animal health, Linda Tellington-Jones! Linda is always all over the world traveling and teaching others her famous TTouch and TTEAM (that's for horses) - which allows people to relate to us animals in a deeper, more compassionate way.

    Pet Life Radio - Applying The Right Touch to Fearful, Phobic Dogs
    With Arden Moore
    Does your dog turn into a puddle of panic when a thunderstorm approaches? Or suffers from separation anxiety? Or gets spooked by the sound of a skateboard? Listen online»

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