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Staying In TTouch NewsletterKeep up-to-date with all the news about the Tellington TTouch Method! Staying In TTouch: a quarterly, 24 page newsletter, is dedicated to educating people about the TTouch methods along with other complementary ideas to help increase our understanding of animals and improve behavior, well-being and performance.

The newsletter includes:

  • Articles by Linda Tellington-Jones, PhD (Hon) and Robyn Hood
  • Case Histories
  • Letters from readers
  • Questions with Answers from Linda and Robyn

Contributing writers will be TTouch Practitioners and Instructors as well as people from complementary fields.

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You'll learn effective techniques to improve your horse's or companion animal’s well-being, behavior and performance . . . read fascinating case studies . . . and stay up to date on TTEAM/TTouch trainings and seminars!

Der Newsletter

Der Newsletter in deutscher Sprache ist ein besonders gelungenes Heft dank einem Team von journalistisch kreativen Frauen, die sich gegenseitig mit ihrem Enthusiasmus und ihrer Begeisterung für die Tiere, Menschen und die Tellington-Methode übertreffen. Ihr Spaß an der journalistischen Aufarbeitung der Themen wird in jedem Heft offensichtlich und das professionelle Layout in schönen Farben macht es zu einer Freude das Heft in der Hand zu halten. Fragen Sie nach dem kostenlosen Probeexemplar oder einem Jahresabo!



From a Staying In TTouch Reader

Dear Robyn,

It's amazing how timely your newsletters often are. I frequently pick them up at just the right time. I have been dealing with a lot of fear lately, which is unusual for me.

Last week, another author and I talked about what might be behind fear. Neither of us knew. The next day, I read "Dealing with Fear Using the Feldenkrais Method." Of course, it makes sense that fear is closely connected to joy, love, creativity, and harmony. Given that I am writing fiction again, I am clearly on the right path. That was encouraging.

At other times, I have needed body work and been reminded of certain TTouches that helped with life and with injuries. I also appreciate your suggestions of books to read.

Several years ago, I bought "100 Ways to Train the Perfect Dog". Have dipped in and out of it, but not used it a lot. Last week I adopted the perfect dog for me. He is a Standard Poodle who will be two on May 10. What a wonderful dog! We are having a great time doing the activities in "100 Ways." I love the games.

Right now, Siegfried enjoys SEARCH. In this game, I "hide" a treat in the living room while he sits behind the gate in the kitchen watching. Then I open the gate and say SEARCH. The reward is finding and eating the treat, as well as all the praise that goes with it. Siegfried really likes this game. He is also getting better at it.

Actually, I am gradually making it harder as I see his understanding develop. This is one smart dog. I am looking forward to playing through the other activities in the book. Love the way they explain things.

Training has changed since I took a dog training class in the early 1980s. I like the type of motivation it uses now. So much can be done with praise and encouragement. I love the way that feels and the way the dog responds.

Siegfried also loves the TTouches I have been giving him. So thank you very much for your continued work in this area. It means a lot.

Helen Mason, Ontario

From Robyn:

Helen has been a long time subscriber and started mostly because of her horse. It is so rewarding to hear that people really find the articles helpful.

Robyn Editor of Staying In TTouch


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