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Arl Albert, certified Tellington Touch practitioner and all-around fun person, focuses on the well-being and quality-of-life of companion animals, and strengthening the human-animal bond. Mindful care is given to animals recovering from illness or surgery, with issues related to aging, or nearing end of life. Her motto is "Peace. Love. Balance." TTouch is provided in New York City and Long Island. Follow Arl on Twitter @arlalbert.
Miranda Alcott, TTouch Practitioner, specializing in NonVerbal Communication, I work with BOTH humans and animals. Human work - InaDifferentVoice - Life Issue Counseling and working with the families with children with Autism and other communicational difficulties. Animal Communication work - AnimalsTalkToMe - Working with Animals & Their People on everything from behaviors, relationship harmonizing, welcoming baby animals into the family, to diagnosis of a terminal illness, the actual transition (death), and out the other side.
Laurie Sue Bakay, Guild Certified TTouch Pactitioner. Our companion animals deserve all the love and respect we can provide. Paws In Harmony seeks to offer them a harmonious balance through Tellington TTouch as well as Animal Reiki. Small workshops and private sessions are available. Pet First Aid/CPR instruction is also available.  Paws In Harmony LLC   
Mary Bruce, Guild Certified TTouch Practitioner and Reiki Practitioner, is the founder and Director of Tavi & Friends, a non-profit group helping animals with unique challenges, and the owner of Mindful Tails in New York City area. TTouch can positively influence the health and behavior of all animals, and Mindful Tails is dedicated to helping these animals reach their full potential through TTouch and other positive, holistic methods – including those with special needs. Private sessions are available by appointment, and group trainings and lectures are offered throughout the year.
Kathy Cascade, TTouch Instructor, Cascade Animal Connection
Deirdre Chitwood, TTouch Practitioner 1 in Florida. Tender Touch offers a gentle way of influencing behavior and well-being in companion animals. It is a kind, non-invasive approach based on a philosophy of partnership and positive communication providing effective, practical solutions for challenges common among dogs, cats, birds and other animals.
Eugénie Chopin, Certified TTouch Practitioner in South Africa
Peggy Cummings' Connected Riding® - Achieve freedom of movement and self-carriage for both horse and rider.
Edie Jane Eaton, TTouch and TTEAM instructor and Feldenkrais Practitioner, lives in Ottawa, Canada. Edie Jane's website, Listening To Whispers, has information not only about the courses she teaches, but includes exciting workshops that she hosts for teachers in other fields related to the principles of "listening to whispers."
Martha Fischbach, TTouch Practitioner-1, Canines Unlimited TTouch, training, grooming, food, supplies, consulting and more.
Leea Foran, TTouch Practitioner-2, owner of FORANIMALS - TTouch for animal companions, private and group workshops; obedience training using positive reinforcement clicker method; behavior modification programs; Reiki; pet care services. In Lenox, Massachusetts, USA.
Maureen Fredrickson, TTouch Practitioner-1 , MSW Animal Systems is a therapeutic farm working incorporating the rejuvenating and healing power of nature and animals to help people with histories of trauma and loss. We offer children and adult animal-assisted therapy services and provide leadership and teamwork training to groups and organizations. We offer human-animal interaction workshops and seminars and professional training in AAT.
Elaine Garley, TTouch Practitioner-1, in Minnesota. Animal Bridges: Connecting People and Their Pets with TTouch and animal communications.
Diane Gay, TTouch Practitioner-1, promotes honor and respect for all living species, through holistic pet care and training methods. Diane offers a series of Family Pet Dog Training Classes using Positive Reward training methods and Tellington TTouch. From her home located in South-Western Quebec, Canada, she provides Home Away from Home Boarding, where well-socialized canines can live in a cage-less family environment.
Sarah Hauser, Certified TTouch Practitioner Level I and Certified Level II Reiki Practitioner in the NYC area. Sarah helps to socialize animals in a number of shelters, incorporating both TTouch and Reiki. She will soon be adding Bach Flower Remedies into her practice as well. She also does private sessions, as well as demos and small workshops by appointment. She has worked with animals with a variety of behavioral, emotional, physical issues, specializing in extremely fearful (and often at least partially feral) cats (though she works with dogs, bunny rabbits, and all manner of other companion animals as well). You can read about her work on her blog, or find her on Facebook, and visit her website at Sarah Hauser - TTouch and Reiki for Animals.
Pat Hennessy, founder of N2paws, providing companion animal attunement through behavior education, Tellington TTouch and energy work. Pat is a TTouch Practitioner, CPDT (Certified Pet Dog Trainer), member of the IAABC (International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants), and AWA (Animal Wellness Association), offering private sessions, workshops, group classes, and speaking engagements.
Created by Tina Hutton from her lifetime with horses and passion for education, Alternative Methods in Horsemanship is a synthesis of techniques that address and correct the major issues faced by horses and their riders including: Rider body awareness and movement; Rider biomechanics and center/core awareness; Understanding horse behavior and communication; Proper gymnastic training for the horse. Tina's expertise is solidly rooted in classical tradition from her years with the Baron Hans Von Blixen-Finecke and Jeff A. Moore, and master level certifications in Feldenkrais, TTEAM/TTouch and rider biomechanics. If you are feeling stuck or finding that a one size fits all program is preventing your progress, schedule a session with Tina and experience what and integrative approach to riding and horsemanship will offer you and your equine partner.
Julie Jene TTEAM Practitioner Level 2. Washington State.
Kathy Kawalec Certified TTouch Practitioner. Owner of Dancing Hearts Holistic Training and Healthcare for Companion Animals, offering private consultations, dog & puppy training classes, agility training, reiki and flower essences in Manhattan, IL.
Betsy Lane, Certified TTouch Practitioner in the Chicago area, offering private sessions and group workshops in northern Illinois, northern Indiana, western Michigan, and southern Wisconsin. Find out more at or email Betsy.
Sage Lewis, Creature Teacher and Level 3 TTouch Practitioner with Dancing Porcupine LLC. Author of "JAVA: The True Story of a Shelter Dog Who Rescued A Woman". Sage is also an animal communicator, shamanic practitioner and certified life coach. Private sessions, workshops, demonstrations and public speaking engagements. Phone/Skype sessions available worldwide.
Copper Love, our only "retired" TTEAM/TTouch Instructor. Healing and Change for People and Animals.
Peggy Marks, Guild Certified TTouch Practitioner and Reiki Practitioner, is the owner of Mindful Tails in the New York/Long Island area. TTouch can positively influence the health and behavior of all animals, and Mindful Tails is dedicated to helping these animals reach their full potential through TTouch and other positive, holistic methods – including those with special needs. Private sessions are available by appointment, and group trainings and lectures are offered throughout the year.
Marty McGee Bennett TTEAM Instructor for llamas & alpacas. Training llamas, alpacas and their people since 1983. Truly create a relationship with your camelids. TTEAM based training/handling techniques. Get the job done and still have fun. Endorsed by top veterinarians. Books videos and equipment that works.
Helen McGraw Practitioner Level 2, K9-Companions Cantley, QC Canada
Christine Nilsson - TTouch Practitioner 2, Equine Practitioner, TTouch & TLC in Bozeman, MT offering private sessions, phone consultations and group classes in Tellington TTouch for animals.
Debby Potts, TTEAM-TTouch Instructor and Lauren McCall, TTouch Practitioner in Oregon. The Integrated Animal offers workshops and private consultations.
Mandy Pretty - Offering multidisciplinary clinics, lessons, and training throughout North America with the Tellington TTouch Method and Connected Riding. Visit her website In Touch With Your Horse.
Learn how TTEAM and TTouch can help your horse's performance in the sport of endurance riding. Naomi Preston is an accomplished endurance rider, and trainer of her AERC Hall of Fame horse, Mustang Lady.
Cindy Pullen is a Tellington TTouch Equine Awareness Method - TTEAM - Practitioner, Level 2 and a second level Connected Riding Practitioner w/ Peggy Cummings. She hosts TTEAM trainings (with Instructor Edie Jane Eaton) and Connected Riding (Peggy Cummings) at her farm in South GA- Lakeland, GA. She also conducts clinics herself at her farm or will travel. She takes in a few horses for personalized training and will give lessons. In her “other life” she also does business/executive coaching drawing upon her 36 years at Xerox- the last nine years having been VP/General Mgr. She will do coaching live or over the phone.
Sandy Rakowitz, Certified TTouch Practitioner Level 1 and TTEAM Practitioner Level 2. One Heart Healing Center for People and Animals. Learn how the Tellington TTouch Method can help you create a more wonderful partnership with your horse, dog, cat, bird, bunny or other animal companion. Private sessions, classes, workshops and newsletter are available. Charlottesville, VA.
Anke Rectenwald TTEAM Practitioner-3 in Germany
Mary Rodriguez, TTouch Practitioner-1. Divulgación de Tellington TTouch en español. Un método suave, benigno y altamente eficaz de modificación del comportamiento animal.
Lib Roe - TTouch Practitioner for Companion Animals in  New Zealand.
Mia Segal's Feldenkrais Training and Application - MBS Academy
Susan Sharpe, A.P.D.T., C.P.D.T. TTouch Practitioner, Trainer, Public Speaking, Workshops, Online Instructor and Phone Consultations. Creator of the Anxiety Wrap™ "End Thunderstorm Fear" in dogs and cats in addition to other anxiety related issues.
Debra Skelton is a Tellington TTouch Practitioner, Level 2 for companion animals and works primarily in Western Canada. See her website, Tellington Touch for Animals, for further details. Debra has a longstanding mobile house-call practice based in Victoria, British Columbia, and specializes in elderly and disabled animals, as well as animals with emotional and physical imbalances.
Jan Snodgrass TTEAM Practitioner-1 publishes Good Pony Newsletter: TTEAM Training and other thoughtful insights into working with Horses.
Jayne Stewart has an extensive background working with many different breeds in a variety of divisions. As a teacher, working with students and their horses, lessons are geared toward increasing understanding of horses and instilling awareness through mastery of techniques that apply to all disciplines. Currently located in the Tryon, NC area She has been a TTEAM / TTouch Practitioner since 1997 and a 1975 graduate 'Instructor' of Morven Park International Equestrian Institute. Visit Jayne's website, Journey Horse.
TTouch and Feldenkrais Practitioner Joe Strain, Chapel Hill Feldenkrais® Group, teaches workshops for the Orange County APS and Doberman Rescue of the Triad. Joe also spent four years using TTouch at UNC with a colony of hemophilic dogs.
Karen Thurlow-Kimball TTouch Practitioner-1, Animal Well Being. Karen brings her experience as certified groomer and professional dog trainer/handler into her work as a TTouch Practitioner. She offers private training sessions, workshops and classes in the New England area.
Patricia Tirrell, Tellington TTouch Practitioner and CPDT-KA, works with all types of dogs whether you have a family pet, are a breeder, or have a performance dog. The Confident Dog uses a combination of Tellington TTouches, lifts and ground exercises to help release tension and increase body awareness to help improve your dog's coordination, balance and athletic ability. These activities also deepen your bond with your dog.
Cynde Van Vleet, TTouch Practitioner-2 - I C PawsAbilities® - Create a more wonderful partnership with training for the body, mind and spirit of your companion animal with The Tellington Method. Cynde offers private sessions, workshops, demonstrations and public speaking engagements.


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