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From the desk of Linda Tellington-Jones:

For a decade, I have been envisioning the possibility of teaching TTouch for human healthcare and self-help online! Last fall my vision was realized in a 90-Day INTERACTIVE TTouch-for-You Immersion class with 109 participants from around the globe. I was supported and inspired by my collaboration with Sandy Rakowitz and Elinor Silverstein who have been working with me for more than 20 years.


The results of the 2018 Immersion Training were beyond our expectation. Participants reported a dramatic enhancement of their ability to reduce their own pain and anxiety and experienced new levels of inspiration and enthusiasm for life.


In this strange time when chaos is reining on all corners of the planet, TTouch has been a game-changer for many participants who attribute the immersion course to shifting them from a feeling of helplessness to a condition of hope and deep gratitude for life.


Give yourself the gift of TTouch® and realize a newfound sense of well-being and renewal.


Join us for the Tellington TTouch-for-You® Programs and learn how to do Tellington TTouch® for yourself and your family.

If you are a therapist, discover the potential of TTouch® for your clients.



  • IMMERSION Self Study Program  
    18+ Hours of TTouch-for-You® Online

  • Please Note: The IMMERSION Self Study program is a PREREQUISITE for the six month Co-Creating Heaven-on-Earth program (see below).

    Click Here for all program details, cost, and to join the IMMERSION Self-Study program.

  • ‘Co-Creating Heaven-on-Earth’ 6 month Program
    6 Month Interactive, Live Program, March - August 2019 
    In-depth learning from home. Join anytime. Attend upcoming live classes with Linda Tellington-Jones. View previous class recordings.

  • Please Note:  Access to the Self Study IMMERSION program is included in Co-Creating Heaven-on-Earth.  This gives you an excellent value to join the “Heaven” program. You get Both Programs included for a special price!

    Click Here for the full program details, pricing, and to join both the Co-Creating Heaven-on-Earth Program together with the IMMERSION Program.

TTouch-for-You® is easy to learn and no special equipment is required.


And it works!


Thousands of case studies have shown TTouch® to be a simple and effective means to relieve a vast range of common and uncommon health issues from a simple headache to a life- threatening emergency.


Finally!  TTouch-for-You® training Is available in your own home ONLINE with Live & Interactive classes with Linda Tellington-Jones March - August, 2019.


You Choose:
Join the TTouch-for-You® IMMERSION Self-Study Program

Click Here for IMMERSION

Or, Join Both Programs Together:
Co-creating Heaven-on-Earth Program PLUS the IMMERSION Program.

Click Here for Co-Creating Heaven-on-Earth Plus IMMERSION Program.

Being a Voice for Nature video
Being a Voice for Nature - audio



Participants' comments!


"Linda, Elinor and Sandy, I want to let you know that this 90-day Immersion workshop has been life altering for me. The biggest change is that I feel so much more confident in my TTouch abilities in general and specifically when I do TTouch for myself and when I offer it to family members and close friends.

I got rid of my knee pain yesterday. I discovered that the pain was coming from tension lower down on my leg. I was able to get rid of a headache I had this morning in about 10 minutes.

"Today I did TTouch on the hand of a close friend who said she had neuropathy which caused a tingly feeling and her hand was very hot. I was showing her how to do TTouches on herself while I worked on her hand. Within 10 minutes her hand returned to a normal temperature and she said the tingling was greatly reduced.

"I was able to relieve the leg pain my elderly mother had been experiencing. I feel such gratitude to the three of you. You are in fact changing lives, big time. The one thing I love more than anything else is making people's lives easier. I can think of no better way than offering TTouch. You can count me in for any further classes, workshops and/or gatherings. I'm so excited to continue learning I can hardly stand it."

     - Heidi Mosbarger


"TTouch has reunited me with my true self. Facial TTouch every morning gives me right frame of mind. Thank you for this comment. I know exactly how you feel torn between two realities. I thought I would have to die before I was going to be reunited with my true self but TTouch has opened my heart to realize I am here now. I feel so blessed to be a part of this immersion. Thank you all.

"I am new to TTouch and am enjoying the Immersion program so much. It is life-changing for me. It unifies other techniques that I have been using over the years from people like Ekhart Tolle.

I feel truly blessed to be part of the TTouch community. I am doing TTouch facials every morning and evening. WOW! It puts me in just the right frame of mind for the whole day - very uplifting.

"My two beautiful dogs are getting the TTouch treatment too. I am hoping to do the companion animal course and become a practitioner helping others and spreading the word. TTouch has allowed me to recognize the nature spirits that have always been there for me. Thank you all.️"

     - Nuala Indigo


"Hi to everyone, At the conclusion of our last get-together, I had a very wonderful connection to my mother, Marion. She passed away many years ago. I got the most amazing feeling of full body warmth and realized it was her. Then I got a strong desire to sleep for hours. Also, in the last two days, I have been receiving deep messages and undetstandings about my life and possibilities.

"I realized that I could help myself with a deeper understanding of how cellular memory can help heal old emotional problems from my past. Then I got a real sense of the joy of living on earth as it is in heaven and that I should keep reaching and living and forgiving. Life is wonderful. Thanks to Linda and all the ttouch community. 

Love to all!

     - Susan Davis


You Choose:
Join the TTouch-for-You® IMMERSION Self-Study Program

Click Here for IMMERSION

Or, Join Both Programs Together:
Co-creating Heaven-on-Earth Program PLUS the IMMERSION Program.

Click Here for Co-Creating Heaven-on-Earth Plus IMMERSION Program.