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TTouch-for-You® Cellular Wisdom Decoded!

July - October, 2020 with the merging of Science & Spirituality
at the Heart of TTouch-for-You® and an invaluable gift for Self-help!

   Course Themes:

             Refining your TTouch® for Self-Help.

             To relieve our pain and transform our fear.

             To satisfy the "Skin Hunger Deficit” exacerbated by our current isolation.

             To deepen our awareness of the Nine Elements of the Tellington Method.

             To cherish every cell in our body.

             To foster our Infinite Potential as we  

             Connect with Universal Consciousness and remember we are One with All That Is.

             To activate our “Awakened Mind”: Left Brain Logic & Right Brain feeling, creativity, intuition & compassion.

             To connect with the Divine Spark in our 100 trillion cells.

             To accept our body as a sacred vessel for our soul.

   Other Gifts from the class:

            • Sharing with our global community

            • Support from like-minded seekers

            • Learning from the Council of Animals

            • Journeying into an ancient forest


             One Class a month on Sundays, July - October for three hours, plus an After-the-Class Q & A 

              On July 26, August 23, September 20 and October 25

             “Tuesday Live with Linda” weekly from July-October, two hours at 11:00 AM Pacific time.

             Private Facebook group

   You'll also have Full Access to the Cellular Wisdom Library that Currently Includes:

             Nine months of Classes from October 2019-June 2020 x three hours = 27 hours of recordings

             Nine months of “After the Class” - two hours = approximately 18 hours of recordings

            *  Five “Tuesday Live with Linda”- TTouch coaching and discussion approximately 15 + hours

    Choose from Two Payment Options:

            • $397 single payment or

            • $99 x 4 months


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