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Online, at your own pace with Linda Tellington-Jones teaching.

Through the decades of our lives we have infinite possibilities
for supporting our body’s phenomenal potential for self-healing using Tellington TTouch-for-You.

Join us in this online, self-paced training program, and get an Immersion into Tellington TTouch-for-You® Techniques for Self-Healing while exploring Quantum Science and Spirituality that are at the heart of TTouch.

As a participant in Linda's TTouch Training, receive 50% off of the regular price of $997.00
$497 USD - Single Payment
$260 USD - in 2 Payments

To register and for more details go here:

Here is a glimpse into all you get:
Audio and Video of Six dynamic, online classes of three hours each with many TTouch demonstrations where you can view Linda’s teaching and techniques close-up.
Listen to Powerful class discussions where you can pause, stop, rewind any time for deeper learning - you set the pace.
Additional materials, handouts, audios and videos you can use to enhance your learning.
Supportive, recommended readings.
Suggested resources.

Online Benefits:
You learn from the comfort of your own home  - no travel needed!
You set the pace to listen, learn and practice.
24/7 Lifetime access!

The Buzz from TTouch-for-You Online program participants:

Feeling Nurtured and Nourished
“Being part of the Immersion Self-Study Program gave my self, and my cells a unique opportunity to be nurtured and nourished in the comfort of my home.”
  - Ava Askin, Tellington TTouch® Equine Practitioner

Deeper Sense of Peace
“Coming out of the Immersion Course, I have a sense of belonging to a group of fascinating, forward thinking and like-minded people gathered together from around the world, it feels empowering.”
  - Shannon Weil, California, Author, Strike a Long Trot

Feeling So Grateful for My Beautiful Cells
“My knee got caught in the fence.  I nearly collapsed, the pain level was at 10. I immediately did Ear TTouches and sat down, and the pain reduced significantly to 3. We had just had a TTouch-for-You Immersion class. I continued with TTouches and talking with my cells thanks to this focus from our recent class and was able to continue with my day afterwards.”
  - Karin Petra Freling, Germany, TTouch-for-You Instructor

Through the online program, participants also said they gained:
“A deeper connection with my physical body.”
“The beginning of true self love.”
“A closer connection to nature!”
“More connection with the Universe.”

“A sense of the interconnectedness of everything, from a cell in my body to the whole universe.”

The Positive Effects Imprinted within me
“After another hit to my head, and going into a deep funk for weeks afterwards, I asked myself: What TTouches can I use to help myself, what is this Cellular Intelligence and how can this help me feel better, right now?
"This lead me into the most profound shift I’ve experienced in in my 30 years  of using TTouch for self-help. The positive effects imprinted within me and have lasted to this day.”

  - Sandy Rakowitz

Join us in this TTouch-for-You Immersion, where you learn at your own pace, available 24/7 online.
$497 USD - Single Payment
$260 USD - in 2 Payments



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Participants' comments!

   "TTouch has reunited me with my true self. Facial TTouch every morning gives me right frame of mind. Thank you for this comment. I know exactly how you feel torn between two realities. I thought I would have to die before I was going to be reunited with my true self but TTouch has opened my heart to realize I am here now. I feel so blessed to be a part of this immersion. Thank you all.
   "I am new to TTouch and am enjoying the Immersion program so much. It is life-changing for me. It unifies other techniques that I have been using over the years from people like Ekhart Tolle.
"I feel truly blessed to be part of the TTouch community. I am doing TTouch facials every morning and evening. WOW! It puts me in just the right frame of mind for the whole day - very uplifting.
   "My two beautiful dogs are getting the TTouch treatment too. I am hoping to do the companion animal course and become a practitioner helping others and spreading the word. TTouch has allowed me to recognize the nature spirits that have always been there for me. Thank you all.️"

     - Nuala Indigo

   "Hi to everyone, At the conclusion of our last get-together, I had a very wonderful connection to my mother, Marion. She passed away many years ago. I got the most amazing feeling of full body warmth and realized it was her. Then I got a strong desire to sleep for hours. Also, in the last two days, I have been receiving deep messages and undetstandings about my life and possibilities.
   "I realized that I could help myself with a deeper understanding of how cellular memory can help heal old emotional problems from my past. Then I got a real sense of the joy of living on earth as it is in heaven and that I should keep reaching and living and forgiving. Life is wonderful. Thanks to Linda and all the ttouch community." 
Love to all!

     - Susan Davis