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Bibi Degn

Bibi was awarded the Tellington TTouch Instructor level for dogs and horses in 2002. Bibi's unique contribution has been the creation and development of the Angie program (the Tellington Method for children and youth). Her special interests include teaching the Angie courses and spreading the Tellington Method as a therapeutic and educational system for youth. She is also interested in the importance of the work under saddle in the training to become a TTouch practitioner for horses. Elements from Connected Riding and many years of close work with Peggy Cummings have contributed to it.

Bibi was born and raised in Austria. Her involvement with and dedication to animals began early on. Colonel Neufellner was her riding instructor in her childhood. Bibi earned the Bronze Reitabzeichen at the State Stallion Stable Paura. She participated at western trainings with Jean Claude Dysli. Her other accomplishments in the equine world include: she is a trail ride leader; she participated actively and successfully at several fox hunts and long distance races, and won and placed second at several long distance races both on the national and international levels.

Bibi earned a degree in studies Pedagogic as a elementary school teacher and she studied, extensively, veterinary medicine and Psychology without a degree. Bibi also owned/managed a breeding and boarding stable for Arabian horses in Austria and kept the mare book for the Arab breeding club. The dog breed, Magyar viszlas from Hungary, was another specialty of Bibi's. At her farm, she took care of many horses and dogs and other species for many years.

During 1985 and 1986, Bibi stayed in Andalusia, Spain while she learned dressage and established many contacts in the riding style of southern Spain. Here to she participated in long-distance races and long trail rides. 1987 was a banner year for Bibi when she first came in contact with the Tellington TTouch Method during a long distance ride in the USA. She met the Tellington TTouch Training Practitioner Tina Hutton with whom she spent many weeks during the following years. Bibi was introduced to Centered Riding and started incorporating this as well as the Tellington Method to her training. Bibi participated in many TTouch Trainings, mainly with Linda Tellington-Jones in Germany and in the USA.

In 1996 Bibi took over the TTouch Gilde Office in Germany and continues to manage it. She organizes the Practitioner training programs for dogs and horses in Germany and she teaches many courses for dogs and horses.

Today Bibi Degn lives in Neunkirchen-Seelscheid, Germany and she is working to found a Educational Academy for humans and animals with the Tellington TTouch Method and Animal Ambassadors as their focal point. Email Bibi or visit the Gilde