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Training & Retraining Horses the Tellington Way

Get a SIGNED copy of Linda's new book.

All Wrapped Up: Improving function, performance & behavior with TTouch® Body Wraps (Horse)

Everything you always wanted to know about Body Wraps for Horses.

Dressage with Mind, Body & Soul

Linda combines her innovative methods with exciting ideas specifically for the dressage rider and trainer.

Dressage with Mind, Body & Soul and a DVD

Get a SIGNED copy of Linda's book and a DVD!

Rehabilitation of Horses - Booklet

Useful techniques to help your horse recover from neurological deficits including EPM.

Strike A Long Trot: Legendary Horsewoman Linda Tellington-Jones

This book chronicles the distinguished early equestrian career of Linda Tellington-Jones.

Tellington TTouch® in the Veterinary Practice

Although written for veterinarians and animal health care providers, this 92 page book is interesting for anyone who needs to handle animals in stressful situations or wants to learn to apply TTouch with their sick or injured animal.

The Tellington TTouch®: Caring for Animals With Heart And Hands

2008 edition with a new cover and some edits.

TTouch® of Magic Cards for Horses

Illustrations of TTouches with descriptions.

Videos and DVDs:

Dressage with Mind, Body & Soul and a DVD

Get a SIGNED copy of Linda's book and a DVD!

Haltering Your Foal Without Trauma DVD

Develop your foal's full potential with TTEAM.

Hit It Off with Your Horse DVD

Understanding and influencing character and personality.

Riding with Awareness DVD

Develop your riding potential!

Solving Riding Problems From the Ground DVD

Exercises that improve balance, focus, coordination, self-confidence and self-control.

Solving Riding Problems In the Saddle DVD

How to use a variety of TTEAM equipment.

The TTEAM Approach to Handling Stallions and Mares DVD

Tips on handling, breeding and foaling.

TTouch® for Dressage Horses DVD

Enjoy watching Linda with Olympic gold medalists Klaus Balkenhol and Nicole Uphoff-Becker.

TTouch® of Magic for Horses DVD

Help correct undesirable habits, improve focus, promote healing, and create a closer relationship.

TTouch®  for Horses and More

TTouch® for Horses and More

The information in this video can be applied to all horses. And also to your companion animals. Even you can experience the benefits of TTouch®.


Balance Rein - Braided

Used for horses who are above the bit, behind the vertical or strung-out.

Balance Rein - Woven

Good for horses who are above the bit, behind the vertical or strung-out. New lower price!

Catch Rope

Catch Rope

Great for haltering foals and catching difficult horses.

Driving Lines

Essential for TTouch ground driving techniques.

Lead with Chain

Used to gently give subtle signals.

Liberty Neck Ring

Have fun with this neckring while progressing to bridleless riding.

Lindell Bitless Bridle - Leather Nose

One of the most important pieces of equipment you'll ever own.

TTouch® Wand

An essential tool for successful TTouch training!

Zephyr Soft Lead

Ideal for foals and sensitive horses.

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