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Kathy Cascade

Kathy's introduction to dog training began in 1991 when a slightly wild and wonderful Alaskan Malamute puppy came into her life. Kathy and Spirit's partnership lead them to competition obedience trials, participation in fly ball, and as a visiting Therapy Dog/Handler team in hospitals and nursing homes. Searching for a truly respectful and gentle approach to working with animals, Kathy completed the two-year Tellington TTouch® Companion Animal Practitioner Certification Program, graduating in October 1996 and later becoming an instructor in the program in 2003.

With her professional training and experience as a Physical Therapist, Kathy offers a unique perspective on the neurophysiologic and sensory aspects of dog behavior to her students. Known for her creative, engaging, and often humorous teaching style, Kathy has presented workshops and seminars throughout the US, Canada, and in Europe.

Kathy’s skillful approach to working with dogs with aggression and fear issues led her to develop a series of seminars titled “S.A.N.E. Solutions for Challenging Dog Behavior.” Her calm, confident demeanor serves her especially well in working with these cases. Kathy states, "Helping dogs learn to cope with the demands of living in our often chaotic human world is a passion of mine. Creating a sense of calm and safety for the dog is the first step to eliminating reactive and fearful behavior. We can do this with humane, effective tools for reducing stress and building confidence. It gives me great joy to see these dogs make the transformation from living in a state of fear to feeling safe in the world.”

The high desert of Central Oregon is Kathy’s home, and allows her to enjoy her outdoor passions of hiking, kayaking, and spending time with her horses. She is an active volunteer for the non-profit organization, Fences For Fido, which builds fences to free dogs from living life chained or tethered.  Kathy's website

Upcoming Trainings/Workshops with Kathy Cascade

Tellington TTouch® for Dogs and Companion Animals

LIVE Interactive & Online Tellington TTouch for Dogs Level 1. Starting January 9, 2021. $499 - $699. 20 hours of Live Interactive Instruction plus a comprehensive, self-paced, Online Course. Learn More at in on 2021-01-09 thru 2021-01-30

Tellington TTouch® for Dogs and Companion Animals

Interactive Tellington TTouch for Dogs Level 1 with Kathy Cascade. Learn more: in on 2021-03-13 thru 2021-03-13