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Lisa Leicht

Lisa grew up in a farmer's village of one hundred souls on the border between the German and French part of Switzerland. Her parents had a well known gourmet restaurant and Lisa was fascinated with the interesting guests, telling her stories in many different languages that she unfortunately could not understand. She decided to change that as a grown up and she did; today she does her story telling and teaching in Swiss, German, French and English.

As a child, Lisa equally loved spending her days out in the woods and in the farmers' barns, communicating easily with nature and all the animals she met in a language that doesn't need words. She was always being taken care of by her dogs and cats who followed her everywhere. At the age of nine she founded an animal rescue place, to where the children of the village brought injured and harmed animals, and where they tried to heal them with food and love and their hands. Visiting the farmers and watching the people working for her parent she very early got in touch with stress and distress in people and animals. These issues have become the central themes in her life.

In her professional life she has worked in healthcare and education, marketing and event coaching. Enhancing comprehension and communication and handling stress have always been priorities. For twenty years Lisa has been studying and practicing meditation.

Because of her Jack Russell, Golfy, she got into contact with the Tellington TTouch® Method in 1996; this, to her was like a circle closing. Since then she has been learning and teaching the Tellington method for companion animals and their humans. Lisa is also a certified TTouch® for You practitioner, dog trainer and adult teacher. She sometimes writes articles for the German Tellington Newsletter, loves giving interviews, organizes the Swiss Companion Animal Practitioner Training and is on the board of the Swiss Tellington Association.

She gives demonstrations and workshops for people, dogs, cats and rabbits in Switzerland and France, trains therapy and assistant dogs and their people and loves working with children and old animals. Together with a befriended agronomist she is currently working on a TTouch program for cows.  Lisa's website