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Marie Miller

While assisting Linda Tellington-Jones at the UK Advanced Practitioner Training, Marie received the wonderful surprise of being awarded certification as TellingtonTTouch® Companion Animal Instructor. She was introduced to the Tellington Method by reading Linda's book and trained on the first companion animal practitioner clinics in the UK. Since graduating Marie has assisted at many companion animal practitioner training clinics, teaches one and two day TTouch® workshops and demonstrates at many events. Sarah Fisher and Marie frequently work together teaching courses and workshops and have co-authored two books about dog training and problem solving, combining TTouch® and Clicker Training.

Marie has had a life long love of animals and spent many happy hours growing up with animals from the local farm and ponies from the local stables. Dogs and cats became fully part of her life when she left home and was able to have pets of her own. She began to study companion animal behaviour and in 1980, set up Paws'n'Learn, a training and rehabilitation practice which uses force free methods. Marie is passionate about puppy training and the prevention of behaviour problems. She runs weekly classes, works 1-2-1 with companion animals and teaches workshops. Marie has been the resident trainer and behaviour advisor at Hollycroft Veterinary Centre since 1981.

To learn more about Marie, visit her website,