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Expanding Consciousness Through Tellington TTouch®

with Sage Lewis
March 18 - March 18, 2023
Live Interactive

$99-$149 Sliding Scale - Pay what you can.
Live on Zoom With Sage Lewis, March 18 from 10am-3pm PDT (11-4 MDT, 12-5 CDT, 1-6 EDT)

For many decades, Tellington TTouch® has been utilized as a wonderful tool for supporting people, animals and even plants in releasing and expanding, remembering and discovering. As a 20 year veteran of teaching this wonderful TTouch work for companion animals and people, Sage has been exploring the edges of what's possible when we utilize the Tellington TTouch® method as a tool to expand consciousness.

Using the process of the shamanic drum journey, Sage will take you deeper into your own sacred garden to help connect you more deeply with your own divine nature while exploring the depths of the four chambers of your heart, and the heart of the planet. With the Native American medicine wheel as a guide, you'll learn how the Tellington TTouch® one and a quarter circle can support you in balancing yourself more completely and help mend the Sacred Hoop of all relations.

All participants will receive a free download of Sage's album: Jungle Jaguar: Shamanic Drum Experience

This course is completely online. Zoom link will be sent after registration/payment is completed.

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