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Interactive & Online Tellington TTouch®

with Toni Shelbourne
July 2 - July 16, 2023
Live Interactive & Online

Applied TTouch with Toni Shelbourne

If you have a dog who loves a ride in the car, you may take this simple joy for granted.  For many dogs, however, traveling, and riding in the car specifically, can be a source or physical discomfort and mental anxiety.

Dog guardians who have an animal that struggles with car rides know how difficult and worrisome this issue can be.

Join Tellington TTouch Method Instructor, Author, and Animal Behaviourist, Toni Shelbourne to learn an effective and positive approach to working with dogs who experience anxiety or distress around travelling in the car.

Enjoy the logical and linear educational format of online content, combined with the supportive and adaptive format of small group, interactive sessions held on the Zoom platform. Over two sessions, Toni will guide you through the why’s, how’s and possible solutions for helping your dogs find traveling in the car, a touch easier.

Register and gain access to a clearly laid out and detailed online course covering the material you would learn in a two day hands on intensive workshop.  This course can be done at YOUR OWN PACE, before the live sessions, and is available to you for continued review.

Live interactive sessions begin on Sunday, July 2nd at 6pm to 8pm  (GMT) with a follow up session for questions and feedback on July 16th.

Toni will help coach you through specific concerns you may have and give you the tools to enhance your dog’s well being all from the comfort of home, with your animal at ease, in a small, intimate group setting.

This course will count for 4 credits as an elective towards the Tellington TTouch Practitioner certification program for dogs.  It is also suitable for dog trainers, shelter staff, and guardians who want to help their dogs develop confidence, coping skills, and  emotional well-being.

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