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Tellington TTouch® for Horses

with Mandy Pretty
June 13 - June 14, 2020
Vernon, BC Canada
Relaxation & Proprioception: Tellington TTouch Method and the Surefoot® Equine Stability Program. Discover simple and effective techniques for enhancing your horse’s relaxation, release of tension, and overall balance with a combination of Tellington TTouch bodywork (TTouch) exercises and the revolutionary Surefoot Equine Stability Program pads. TTouch uses light, non-invasive and non-habitual movements of the tissue and extremities to release tension in the body while affecting change at the level of the nervous system. Everyday horse people and life-long professionals alike can utilize these simple exercises into their horsemanship to achieve better posture, a reduction in tension, and overall improvement in behaviour. The Surefoot Equine Stability Program is a unique, innovative way for the horse to be his own teacher. Developed by Wendy Murdoch, this revolutionary way of improving your horse’s balance, confidence, movement and performance shows that the horse is always present and ready to learn if we can only find ways to access his intelligence. This approach allows the horse to experience his own habitual patterns of movement and provides the horse with an opportunity to explore and learn new ways of standing on his feet and utilizing the ground for greater ease, comfort and confidence.

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