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Become a Practitioner

If you are looking for a more gentle and effective way to work with your own animals, or want to work with animals professionally, the Tellington TTouch® method may be the answer for you. Our method involves the use of techniques that will mutually enhance the relationship between people and animals, improve an animal’s health, and encourage a better response to training.

This Certification program is designed for people who want to share the benefits of the Tellington Method with their own animals as well as for people who want to work with animals on a full or part-time basis. There are hundreds of TTouch Practitioners all over the world.

Some work full-time with private clients, many do the Tellington Method part-time in addition to their other jobs, and some incorporate what they have learned into their work with animals in shelters, with rescue groups, obedience schools, veterinary clinics and zoos. The rewards of this training program include an inspiring way to relate to animals plus a new appreciation and understanding of themselves.

During the TTouch® professional training and certification program, you will: 

  • Experience ways of working with dogs that are unique and rewarding and can change your life. Gain hands-on experience working with dogs with a variety of behavior issues and support well-being in aging animals.
  • Depending upon the venue, you may have the opportunity to work with cats and other unique companion animals in a rich, rewarding experience that often can change your life.
  • Acquire valuable skills to enhance training and performance and reduce stress in dogs who work in service, show, obedience, agility, search and rescue, schutzhund and trials.
  • Work with shelter animals to help them adapt more easily to new environments.
  • Help calm animals for transport or visits to your veterinarian or groomer.
  • Understand how TTouch® inspires understanding and compassion for all life.

  • Learn how to effectively and respectfully work with clients and their animals.


The Tellington TTouch certification process is a combination of in-person or online instruction, and student practice between training sessions, to develop specific skills as well as practical experience in a wide variety of applications, such as behavior, training, and health issues. On average, students spend between eighteen months and two years to develop the skills required for certification. However, there is no specific time requirement for completing the certification so that students can progress at their own pace.

Those wishing to learn the Tellington TTouch Method for their own use, may choose a “non-certification” track. Non-certification track students will not be required to complete case studies or other certification requirements such as testing. They may change to the certification track by completing the requirements at any time.

While this Program is specifically focused on working with dogs, Certified Practitioners may add other companion animal species to their accreditation by demonstrating competency (in skills and safety) with that species, and by completing an additional detailed case study.

Permitted practice during the certification process – Students are encouraged to work with as many dogs as possible to gain experience. They may not charge for this work. An exception to this is for students already working professionally with dogs and who will be incorporating their TTouch skills into their profession. These students may say they are using the Method but may not advertise that they teach it. 

In-person and Online Learning – Credits may be acquired through in-person events offered for certification credit, from online classes or a combination of both.  The experience gained through in-person learning is invaluable and ideally, will make up at least some of the credits earned for certification. (1 day of coursework = 2 credits)

For detailed information about completing Practitioner Certification online, please visit our online learning platform.

Requirements for upgrading - These requirements are designed to ensure as clearly as possible that the Practitioner has the technical, teaching, organizational and people skills required for the higher level. These are difficult to measure and for this reason, the listed requirements should be considered minimums. In some circumstances the TTouch International Education Board may consider accepting equivalent criteria. Practitioners will demonstrate appropriate skill levels through an evaluation process. 


Tellington TTouch Practitioner 

Qualification Criteria:

  • Successful completion of required coursework for a total of 60 credits     

  • Submission of 5 detailed case studies and 15 checklists.

  • Achievement of passing score on written and practical skill assessment.  

  • Clear demonstration of skills in a "Client Session" video submission. 

*Please note that additional video assignments are required if the majority of the credits are from online learning.

Permitted Practice:

  •  Certified to work with individual clients.

  • May give short (one hour) lectures or demonstrations to groups.

Tellington TTouch Practitioner 1 

Qualification Criteria:

  • Successful completion of required Practitioner 1 coursework for an additional 12 credits (accruing a total of 72 credits).  

  • Completion of a class presentation, observed by an Instructor, to demonstrate teaching skills.

  • Submission and approval of a plan for conducting a one-day workshop.

  • Achievement of passing score on written and practical skills assessment.

Permitted Practice:

  •  Certified to work with individual clients.

  • Give short lectures/demonstrations (not longer than 4 hours)

  • Teach one day hands-on workshops to groups.  Workshops may be divided into a series of classes equal to a one-day workshop.

Workshop length is restricted to one day even when it is co-taught with another Practitioner 1.


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