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Looking for a magical, heart-felt connection with your dog?

Tellington TTouch® Training - a positive, gentle and effective way
     •  To improve communication and relationship between you and your dog
     •  That offers solutions to common behavioral and physical problems
     •  That educates a dog to adapt to different situations
     •  That enhances performance

Tellington TTouch® for dogs can help in cases of:

  •  Excessive Barking & Chewing                •  Leash Pulling
  •  Jumping Up                                               •  Aggressive Behavior
  •  Extreme Fear & Shyness                         •  Resistance to Grooming
  •  Excitability & Nervousness                     •  Car Sickness
  •  Problems Associated With Aging

This gentle method is currently being used by animal owners, trainers, breeders, veterinarians, zoo personnel and shelter workers in several countries. There are many certified practitioners teaching TTouch around the world who can show you how to help you with your dog, cat or other pet. Please check the Practitioner Directory to find your nearest TTouch Practitioner.

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What is covered in a Tellington TTouch® Training?

  -  Skill building in the techniques of TTouch bodywork
  -  Use of the Tellington Method tools & equipment
  -  Skill building in our method of leading and groundwork
  -  Observational skill building: posture, balance, conformation, gait, and interaction with the environment
  -  Philosophy and principles of the Tellington Method, as developed by Linda Tellington-Jones
  -  Physiology of stress and the relationship to behavior
  -  Application of the Tellington TTouch Method to specific behavioral issues.
  -  Strategies for successfully working with clients.

"I am thrilled by Linda's work. As well as offering us extraordinary guidance toward reconnecting with the animal world, she shows us how to be more fully alive as human beings, by reawakening our faculty for touching. This book is a great and healing gift - to humans, to animals, and to Mother Earth."
        - Paul Winter