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Robyn Hood

Senior Instructor of the Tellington TTouch® Method, Editor of Staying in TTouch Newsletter and Linda's youngest sister, Robyn has been riding horses since before she could walk. She went through Pony Club and showed as a junior competitor in Alberta. She later attended and then instructed at the Pacific Coast School of Horsemanship in California owned by her sister Linda Tellington-Jones. Robyn competed successfully in hunter, jumper, three-day eventing, endurance, western events and more recently in gaited horses.

In 1982 Robyn became involved full-time with the Tellington Method that was developed by her sister Linda. She has been the editor of the monthly Newsletter for more than 30 years. Since 1986 she has been teaching Tellington TTouch® Method on a full-time basis in Canada, the US, Europe, South Africa and Australia and spends about 160 days a year traveling. Robyn has given demonstrations and lectures at various venues including Spruce Meadows; Equitana USA and Germany; Western College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Saskatchewan; International Humane Society Conference in Vienna and Murdoch University in Perth.

Besides teaching the Tellington Method on the road and at her farm in Vernon, BC, she and her husband have been importing and breeding Icelandic horses since 1976. In addition to their Icelandic herd which numbers around 80, they also share their farm with two cats, three dogs and a very talented parrot named Frances.  Robyn Hood


Upcoming Trainings/Workshops with Robyn Hood

Interactive & Online Walking in Balance: Applied TTouch

Live sessions run August 26th, September 9th & 16th:  beginning at 10am PDT/ 18.00 GMT

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Raise your hand if you have ever struggled on an on-leash walk with a dog?!

Whether it’s pulling, lagging, forging or careening, having a harmonious connection between dog and guardian can be easier said than done!

If you have ever struggled with on-leash communication, or know someone who has, this course is for you!

There are a myriad of ways to address on leash issues.  The Tellington TTouch Method looks to help the root of many on leash issues, balance!  Beginning with changing your impression of “why” dogs pull or lag can greatly change how you approach the (human-viewed) problem.

This is a comprehensive course that covers the TTouch approach to leash issues.  Senior Instructor, Robyn Hood, designed this course to address one of THE most common concerns of dog guardians around the world – how to walk on leash without pulling, jerking or dragging!

With over 280 minutes of informative teaching video, “Walking in Balance” with provide you will a wide range of tools, exercises and ideas to help you, and any dog you work with, find harmony on and off leash.

In addition to the comprehensive self-paced portion, Robyn will also offer over 6 hours of live, interactive Zoom sessions in two hour segments.  These will be recorded and available to participants.

in Live Interactive & Online on 2023-08-26 thru 2023-09-16

Tellington TTouch® for You & Your Dog

Join Robyn Hood in person in Austria to study Tellington TTouch® for You & Your Dog.

This class will count towards your Dog Certification.

Click here to contact Doris Prinstringer for more information or to register.

in In Person on 2023-09-25 thru 2023-09-30

TTouch hands-on workshop for horses

October 27-31, 2023   NSW
TTouch hands-on workshop for horses.

Contact Rebecca Booth  0419 003 530

in NSW Australia on 2023-10-27 thru 2023-10-30

TTouch hands-on workshop for horses

November 4- 6, 2023   NSW
TTouch hands-on workshop for horses.

Contact Rebecca Booth  0419 003 530

in Rimini Park Victoria Australia on 2023-11-04 thru 2023-11-06

TTouch for dogs

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Nov 10-12  - Brisbane, Queensland
TTouch for dogs
Contact:  Ros Taber

in Brisbane Australia on 2023-11-10 thru 2023-11-12

TTouch for dogs

[%include Links.Image(id=>"5333",class=>"floatleft",caption=>"Ttouch for Dogs with Robyn Williams in Australia")%]

Nov 17-19  - Wilton, NSW
TTouch for dogs
Contact:  Linda Barr

in Wilton NSW Australia on 2023-11-17 thru 2023-11-19

Interactive & Online Tellington TTouch for Dogs

course content


–  Are you a dog lover?

– DO you want to develop positive, effective, techniques to enhance relaxation and support well-being?

– Have you recently added a rescue or shelter animal to your family?

– Do you have a dog who needs a little extra support or has some specific challenges?

– Are you a Canine Body worker or wellness professional looking to add integrative techniques to your skills?

Join Robyn Hood (Senior Tellington TTouch Instructor), virtually,  and learn trust-based, gentle, effective and supportive techniques from the comfort of home. This includes 10 hours of live, virtual, group instruction and life-time access to a self-paced online study course.

The Tellington TTouch Method is a gentle, hands-on approach that improves well-being, behaviour, cooperation and the relationship people have with animals. It includes the use of a specialized form of bodywork, specific types of equipment and creative movement exercises that are easy to learn and used with all types of animals.

Most importantly, the Tellington TTouch Method facilitates trust and enhanced communication between humans and animals.  TTouch can be integrated into daily life to increase confidence, reduce stress, improve focus and enhance well-being, making TTouch perfect for busy people!

These techniques are easy to learn and provide many solutions to common concerns by recognizing each animal and person as unique individuals.  Rather than a set protocol for particular issues, the Tellington TTouch Method offers creative solutions customized to each situation.

This module encompasses the “Bodywork” component of the Tellington TTouch Method, one part of the whole.  This introductory module is a wonderful addition to anyone interested in canine bodywork, enhancing their relationship with their animals, those who practice canine massage, or dog guardians with senior animals looking to help enhance well-being and function.

Not sure what the time will be where you are?  Check it out on our Time Zone Converter.

You will learn how to:

➔ Interpret your dog’s behavior in a non-judgmental way

➔ Notice a dog’s subtle body language for signs of stress or relaxation

➔ Use simple, relaxing body work techniques to support your dog and your relationship

➔ Support your dog with techniques to reduce anxiety and enhance self-confidence

➔ Utilize simple TTouch Body Wrap techniques in appropriate situations

➔ Recognize and acknowledge how your own state of mind will affect your dog

This workshop includes:

10 hours of LIVE, interactive instruction via Zoom

Instant, life-time access to the online course, “Tellington TTouch for Dogs: Bodywork Module” for solid foundation of knowledge and accessible review opportunities.

Supportive Study Group Access

Recorded sessions for review.

Online Course with 24/7, lifetime access.

*This course counts as  8 Academy credits towards becoming a Certified Tellington TTouch Practitioner.  No prior experience with the Tellington TTouch is required.

Register and gain instant access to an extensive, clearly laid out and detailed online course.  This course can be done at YOUR OWN PACE, before or after the LIVE sessions.

The class is small and allows for individualized advice and attention.

The online portion of the course includes:

8 Lesson Modules: Each consisting of several specific topics.

Over 24 “how-to” videos and lectures about each specific concept and exercise

Easy to follow mind maps

24/7 – lifetime access to all materials

Online Course Outline:

➡️ Welcome to the Course

➡️ About the Method

  • Goals & Overview
  • Components

➡️ Attitude & Philosophy

  • Core Principles
  • Staying Grounded
  • The Power of Pause

➡️ Observation & Awareness

  • What to Look For
  • The 5 Fs
  • How to Observe

➡️ The Sensory Side of TTouch: How TTouch Affects the Nervous System

➡️ Basics of Bodywork

  • Understanding & Refining the TTouches
  • TTouch Techniques: Part 1
  • TTouch Techniques: Part 2
  • TTouch Techniques: Part 3
  • TTouch Techniques: Part 4
  • TTouch Techniques: Extremities

➡️ All Wrapped Up:  TTouch Body Wraps

  • Quarter & Half Wraps
  • Head Wraps

➡️ The Next Steps

in Live Interactive & Online on 2024-02-10 thru 2024-03-23