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The TTEAM Approach to Handling Stallions and Mares DVD

The TTEAM Approach to Handling Stallions and Mares: Developing a Horse's Full Potential with TTEAM

Tension and anxiety or overexcitation can adversely affect a mare's receptivity or a stallion's ability to breed successfully. By using TTouch® , you will find an overall improvement in both attitude and performance. This video presents a new approach to the handling of mares and stallions. It is not about breeding techniques, but rather a mental and physical training which will make the breeding process safer for horses and handlers. The improvement is apparent as Linda teaches these methods while working with several difficult stallions and a young mare who kicks and squeals when handled around the hindquarters. Linda shows how you can alleviate some of the discomfort of your pregnant mare and help prepare her for foaling while creating a special relationship with the unborn offspring. These TTouch® . methods, based on Linda's extensive background in handling and training stallions and mares for breeding and performance can also make a difference in your breeding program. (DVD format, 61 min.) Original Producers of VHS format: Lawlor, 1988. Produced as DVD: Linda Tellington-Jones, 2008.

NOTE: TTEAM is an acronym of "Tellington TTouch® Equine Awareness Method." Since this DVD was made, the brand name for all the facets of the TTouch® organization is Tellington TTouch® .

The TTEAM Approach to Handling Stallions and Mares DVD 61 minutes $29.95 - DVD